SGAG & TrendWatching Release Whitepaper on Social Media Consumption among Millennials and Gen Zs

SGAG & TrendWatching Release Whitepaper on Social Media Consumption among Millennials and Gen Zs

By Meeta Doshi, Research Lead for SGAG Research

With Singaporeans spending over one third of their day online, the digital space is where consumers are seeking information and entertainment first. And during the pandemic, 77% of consumers in Singapore said that they spent more time on the social media platforms that they were already using, with TikTok seeing the highest growth in adoption.

The digital landscape is no stranger to change. But how can brands capitalise on the shift to digital to better engage their target audiences in this new market environment? Our latest report “Navigating Social Media in a Post-Pandemic World” is aimed at helping advertisers, brand marketers and agency professionals uncover new content and engagement trends fit for a new digital landscape. 

The study was gleaned from a quantitative study involving more than 600 Singapore-based respondents aged between 15 – 45 years old from SGAG’s in-house research panel, SGANG, as well as qualitative insights from HEPMIL Creators’ Network. This was supported by TrendWatching, a global trend firm scanning the world for consumer trends, insights and business ideas, who provided insights and data which helped to identify the key social media and content strategy trends.

We outline 5 key trends that marketers should take into consideration as they plan for the year ahead in engaging a growing online audience, especially on social media platforms:

Thomas Klaffke, Head of Research at TrendWatching shared :  “COVID-19 has led to the biggest transformation of our digital social lives. New platforms, formats, mechanism, creators, behaviours, expectations and plenty of new, meaningful opportunities for brands to tap in to.

From cultivating community through creative challenges; developing virtual experiences as the new social currency; helping burned out consumers take time to enjoy what matters or supporting young adults with their transition to adulthood during a period of disruption, brands can play a huge part in consumers’ digital social lives by engaging them in ways that meaningfully address their current needs and expectations. By showing the trends that truly matter, we hope that the whitepaper will help brands and marketers to find opportunities in this transformed digitized world.”

In addition, we’re excited to share the establishment of SGAG Research. The team aims to provide audience insights from across its platforms for brands and agencies, and taps on a community of more than 2,000 Millennials and Gen Zs from the SGAG platform, also known as SGANG, to provide quantitative and qualitative insights.

Interested clients can look forward to tapping on SGAG Research for the following services:

  • Mini Polls which are short, 5-question surveys polling our community that enable brands quick insights from audiences
  • Brand Lift Surveys to understand campaign impact and effectiveness on SGAG. This is currently available for existing advertisers. 
  • Brand / Category Deep Dive to derive in-depth insights on consumer behaviour patterns, especially among Millennials and Gen Zs.

It’s important for brands to understand the new opportunities presented, understand nuances amongst different online audiences, and explore ways where they can better engage them. This is why we are committed to creating solutions and providing insights that can help advertisers and marketers better understand how they can better create engaging content fit for an evolved online audience. 

Interested to learn more? We are here to help!

“Navigating Social Media in a Post-Pandemic World” can be downloaded here.

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